It’s not ALL bad news….

Seoul then: 

Even after a devastating occupation during WW2 and subsequent (unresolved) civil war, South Korea has been able to go from third-world backwater to one of the largest economies in the world. And all without the help of Bono.

Seoul now: 

The subway system. Impressive.

Koreans are an ethno-nationalistic homogeneous group. They have a healthy balance between techno-modernity and a sense of themselves and their culture.

But it seems like all good things must come to an end. 

Maybe I’ll be doing a different Then and Now in a few years if things like this continue….

From the president of the Korean Multicultural Congress (why?):

“We can give hope to young people by providing them with role models who have settled in Korea and achieved success. The Pakistani community has already composed a group of such examples,” Kwon said. “I want smart expatriates to come to Korea, as they can be the driving force for the development of the country.”

“The accomplishments of the United States are based on outstanding talent from overseas. Korea should accept brilliant youngsters from Asian countries,” he said.

“Some might still feel reluctant, but when the majority open up their hearts, Korea will be a truly multicultural society.”