Have any of you heard of the hit show Glee? On the surface it is a show about the trials and tribulations of the high school glee club, but if you actually are able to sit through an episode, it is much more sinister than that.

I have not yet been able to accomplish such a feat, jumping up from my seat and exclaiming about diversity agendas, marxism, and anti Christian rhetoric to my (recovering) Glee-tard youngest sibling and mother.

Worst of all, it hits you like a ton of rocks. I like my subervsion subtle, at least don’t insult my intelligence whilst destroying my culture.

So, in order to shut me up, Gleetard agreed to help me bring you a Glee tutorial, so you don’t have to sit through it yourself. Brought to you with minor commentary and in pictures.

As you are reading below, please note this is an extremely popular show for teenagers and pre-teens. 

The couples: 

Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pears (huh huh, get it?)

Interracial lesbian couple; cheerleaders

Kurt and Blaine. Gay couple; first “non peck” guy on guy kiss in prime-time history

Puck and Lauren

Yes. One more time.



Did I mention that HE was the one that was in love with her? She brushed him off.

Mercedes and Sam

That’s right.

This is Mercedes. 

This is Sam. 

Someeeebody didn’t read their Kanzawaaaaa. By the way, she is the one that ends up rejecting Sam in the end.

Artie and Tina

Artie and Brittany

and the Golden Couple….

Finn and Rachel

Jewish/Gentile couple

He chose Rachel over Quinn, the Queen bee blonde cheerleader, because Rachel “is a better person” and of course, as we all know, blondes are evil.

Theme: Sex, Sex, Sex!! (and more sex)

“Did you bring the poppers?”

Kurt and Blaine’s first time having anal sex was lauded was “sweet” by the media.

According to sister “These two chicks hook up all the time”

Puck and Quinn

Finn and Santana

Finn and Quinn

Finn and Rachel

Brittany and Artie (the dude in the wheelchair)

Reminder: Show for young people. Prime time.

Theme: Diversity 

You’re only worthwhile if you are different. Tradition and status quo are immoral. White is bad.

Let’s play ‘find the heterosexual Caucasian gentile’! (He’s the one in the wheelchair). Oh, and the Asian girl has a stutter (for good measure).

The villains of Glee represent anti-diversity.

Quinn (also Christian, more on that later)

Sue Sylvester

Both are part of the cheerleading squad (Sue is the coach). All are white blonde Gentiles.

Terri Schesuter is the bitch wife of the Glee coach and makes his life a living hell.

The only heterosexual white Christian gentile who is not evil is the guidance counselor. However she is a repressed virgin, has OCD, is a germaphobe, and has “ginger supremacists” parents (we all know what they’re alluding to).  A very flawed individual, indeed.

The heroine of the show is the underdog Rachel, who triumphs over the evil blondes and gets the guy. She is one the character allowed to be innocent, sweet, and a virgin (up until recently) without any underlying hints of repression or hypocrisy.

She is mocked because she is “different” and has two fathers. This family is portrayed as the most functional, fun and happy, while those that mock her have cruel heteronormative parents (more on that later too).

You can only gain redemption by joining the underdogs. Santana, Brittany, and Quinn (cheerleaders), Finn and Puck (football jocks) — were evil bullies magically transformed into kind souls once they joined the Glee club and embraced diversity and “being different.”

Theme: Christians are assholes

Quinn, the only overt Christian on the show for some time, is a bitch, a cheater a hypocrite, and a slut.

She’s actually such a ridiculous hypocrite that she takes (even ridiculous by Glee’s standards) “prayer breaks’ between sex sessions with her boyfriend. We are constantly reminded that the bitch is the Christian, via the small cross she wears on her neck.

Quinn’s very Christian parents are uptight, no-fun, repressed (of course), unforgiving jerks that threw their daughter out on the street when she did not “hold up their values”.

The Celibacy Club is also full of hypocrites, judgemental assholes, and cockteases. The motto of some of the girls is…..

“Yes to teasing, no to pleasing”

Lastly is the new Christian character Joe Hart. He is a “weird” (best friend is his Mom, home-schooled), judgmental, space cadet who only gains redemption when he agrees to sing a Valentine’s Day sing-o-gram to a lesbian couple, exclaiming, “Love is love, man.”

Theme: “Loving yourself” moots all value judgement

Lauren “owned” that she was fat and loved it, and that’s why Puck fell in love with her….citing her “bad assness”

Rachel wanted to get a nose job and was convinced she was beautiful regardless

and of course…Kurt. Everyone should “be themselves”

I can honestly say that I’d rather my children watch every episode of Jersey Shore, Toddlers and Tiara’s and Kardashians than even one episode of this thinly veiled propaganda.

Now that you know some of the themes and characters, we will next explore some actual plot-lines of Glee and what kind of message they send out. Stay tuned for tomorrow!

Update: Here’s part two!