The Mannerbund (the homosexual, the unattached man, the lifelong bachelor…however you choose to label it) has been on my mind this week.


and now?

I believe that modern society pushes everyone to be their most base, self-indulgent selves. Whereas the Mannerbund of past civilizations was someone that greatly contributed to society, dedicated himself to serious study and philosophical debate and the arts, our current “Mannerbunds” (if they can even be called that) have become entirely unserious. They have been duped into thinking they will be most happy knee deep in poppers and promiscuity or living a completely unnatural life as “husband and wife.”

I see why they needed to be corrupted/duped. An unmarried man never “settles” – he has nothing to lose and is able to create great works up until his death, unmolested by other obligations. But it seems like they are on to other preoccupations…see tweets below.


@DaveyRobson my trip saw me come back with herpes, syph, gono and crabs lol. #riddled Well worth it though, was fucking great sex #BBBH

@DaveyRobson you’d love it. Loads of sex clubs, fetish bars open all night, and nearly everyone fucks raw. So horny. Stds are rife though.


Missing @Slut_BucketUK and his sloppy wet hole

Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck Piss fuck That’s all #ws #bbbh

@BBSaunaSlut sure, just need a break from STIs. Clinic are starting to give me evils!

@piwattgg thanks. Cum filled X

@BBSaunaSlut one of the reason I didn’t got tomng2bbgroup on sat. Plus having clap again. Finally got the all clear from syphilis too!!!