A Seat at the Table….

The Last Psychiatrist has a new article out, that touches on the media driven female desire for a “seat at the table” i.e. females clamoring for their own wage enslavement. 

I wanted to touch upon the root of the problem, which is and has always been inflation compounded with wage stagnation. 

This is a piece from The Economics of Global Turbulence by Robert Brenner.

“During the “Long Boom” of 1948-1973, the lowest annual profit rate in the U.S. industrial sector was still higher than the highest such rate in the ensuing period, the “Long Bust.” This fact is all the more shocking for being so contrary to the largely accepted story — often centered around the Reagan presidency, or Clinton’s “new economy,” depending on one’s party preference — of recent American history as one of minor falls and major lifts. “

From a review of Brenner’s book- Autumn of the Empire. Must read for all. http://lareviewofbooks.org/post/7756129051/autumn-of-the-empire

“He [Brenner] persuasively debunks the idea that industrial profits were squeezed by wages; indeed, real wages have stagnated and even decreased in the last four decades. This has been concealed only in the sphere of rhetoric: Statistics about “household earnings” desperately hope you won’t notice that households now require multiple incomes to keep up. THAT WASN’T FEMINISM SENDING WOMEN INTO THE TENDER MERCIES OF THE LABOR MARKET — or rather, it was, but at the same time the migration to the workplace was part of a protracted disaster for the working classes, masquerading as opportunity. And even while working more and harder, households have increasingly found themselves obligated to take on debt to stay afloat.”

“Filing papers would be SO much more rewarding!”

The media is driving women to work for a reason. The complicit snakes of these networks get their marching orders from higher ups that KNOW.

1) Inflation has made it almost impossible for a man to provide for a family

2) Two incomes means higher consumption of non-necessary goods

3) Women and children, the two groups most vulnerable to trends and marketing, can become a consumer group independent of male purse strings.

WHAT A FUCKING COUP! We were actually convinced us to SPEND MORE, while in reality, EARNING LESS…..all while patting ourselves on the back about how much progress we have made. The irony is staggering.

The Modern World Sucks. Here, Shoot a Cartoon.

Here is a terribly Orwellian commercial for some game called Metal Gear Rising. 

The message is that men should suppress their unhappiness and anger with the modern world, and channel it into meaningless pursuits.

This commercial, is “The Inception” of irony. Irony within irony (within irony?). Hey you! You can  escape the vapid, mechinaized, anomie and femininity of the modern world by killing cartoons. Here! Resolve your  fake, anomic existence inside of a fake, anomic exisitence. Do something by doing nothing!

There is this great idea called “crocodile humor.”

From Unqualified Reservations:

“Crocodile humor is the laughter of the powerful at the powerless. It is not intended to be funny. It is intended to intimidate. Those who laugh, as many do, are those who love to submerge themselves in a mob, feel its strength as theirs, chant.”

The video game, pornography, your “man cave”……. are your only allowed escapes.   All sparks of aggression must be funneled into meaningless pursuits, killed before an idea is formed.

Always important….

to keep your perspetive….

London: Then and Now

London then:

Damn, British people love waiting in lines…..

Notice how crowded it was. Surprisingly, people were able to wait in line without a riot or a fight ensuing.

and now?

Eastern European Squatters

Chavs and Chavettes


How terribly sad.

“The Party has Overtaken the Art”: A Rant

Quick background: Wynwood is a section of Miami that has recently been home to a burgeoning “art” scene, that in true Miami spirit quickly became a party scene. The “artists” and “art” patrons have their noses out of joint because no one wants to go see their “art” (random neon signs, cut out metallic spheres, cubes pasted onto canvas) without free booze and music.

From the Miami Herald article: “The Party has Overtaken the Art”

What made Pan American Art Projects Director Janda Wetherington decide to stop participating in Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walks was when someone spilled wine onto a $15,000 painting, then bailed before anyone noticed.

“By that point, we had already stopped offering wine or water to people who came into the gallery, and we even had someone guarding the door to make sure no one brought any food or drink inside,” Wetherington said. But even that tactic failed. “That’s when we started opening earlier in the afternoon on Second Saturdays and close by 8 p.m. at the latest.”

The monthly art walks, which are held the second Saturday of each month, draw thousands of young people and usually wind up as boisterous block parties. 

Fredric Snitzer, one of the few Miami gallerists invited to exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach, says he doesn’t even bother to open on Second Saturdays any more. He is also pessimistic about the future of Wynwood as a thriving art district, even though he was one of the area’s pioneers (his gallery opened in 2004). (Flavia here: his  2 “art” pieces are right below.)  

“We don’t get the herds; we get to cultivate our audience to come to us,” she says. “But the tide has shifted dramatically. We used to serve wine, and we stopped that two years ago because kids would come in, pick up the glasses of wine and leave. One of the purposes of a gallery is to provide entertainment to people. Not everyone is a buyer. But you still want them to come to enjoy the art and learn and have their minds expanded. Just not to the point where it isn’t respected.’’

Kelley says that “very little” art is sold on Second Saturdays




Flavia here:

So I ruined Art Walk. My friends ruined Art Walk. We only went for the wine and the parties. When you have a bunch of people showing up for a free glass of wine, the art is secondary.

But what do they expect? It is a bunch of entitled trust fund babies flailing about with paint and brushes, surprised that people only want the booze. They want “art” to be graffiti and an ironic use of toilets juxtaposed with religious imagery, then are surprised when all we’ll do is drink.

That art gets the respect it deserves.

People pay to go to the Louvre. Hell, people pay $100 for books of pictures of old Italian buildings. But people won’t go to your free show (with free parking!). It’s because your art is not art.

NOBODY actually, really, truly thinks whats going on in Wynwood is anything more than decadence. Nobody. I’d show up to a collection of “art” from kindergarten kids if they had an open bar, a DJ, and I could dress cute.

They want reverence and respect for taping a picture of a skinny model next to a Dunkin Donuts ad.

But what they really want is the affluent to show up with open wallets and drop obscene amounts of money on shit, so that the artist can hang out at LIV and afford bottle service. That’s the truth. The artist wants a Mercedes and Brickell condo but doesn’t want to work. So they throw this party to create buzz (advertising in lieu of quality) and hope that all the hip diversity (broke as a joke) will bring in the moneybags seeking “authenticity”

The Goldman banker, feeling one with the people, after a hard day of raping foreign nations, will show up with the funky people and buy his way into Hip-ness.

The whole thing is typical and about the best this culture can produce now.

They have no idea what it takes to create beauty. The sacrifice, learning, training, failure, exclusion, failure, and loneliness. The great European artists lived like monks. And these fucking degenerates think they’ll pain a toilet brown and ask 50,000$ for it.

Fuck that. Party on, Wynwood.

The Onion…Hmmm

Impending Blackout Gives the City’s Working Class Its Chance to Rise Up Against their Wealthy Oppressors

Gay-Pride Parade Sets Mainstream Acceptance Of Gays Back 50 Years

“I’d always thought gays were regular people, just like you and me, and that the stereotype of homosexuals as hedonistic, sex-crazed deviants was just a destructive myth,” said mother of four Hannah Jarrett, 41, mortified at the sight of 17 tanned and oiled boys cavorting in jock straps to a throbbing techno beat on a float shaped like an enormous phallus. “Boy, oh, boy, was I wrong.”

New Poll Finds 86 Percent Of Americans Don’t Want To Have A Country Anymore

“Few respondents expressed strong feelings, but most thought dissolving the union would ‘be a lot easier for everyone.'”

Racial Harmony Achieved By Casting Of Black Actor As Teen Computer Whiz

HO HO HO! 9-11 Was an Inside Job!

Klan Rally 70 Percent Undercover Reporters

Overcome Stress By Visualizing It As A Greedy, Hook-Nosed Race Of Creatures (video)

Fuck Everything, Nation Reports

“…as if that were even fucking possible, as if anyone could change what happened, as if the same fucking bullshit isn’t going to keep happening again and again and fucking again before people finally decide it’s time to change the way we live, so what’s the point? What the hell is the goddamned point?”

Local Jew Feels Left Out Of Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy

Women Now Empowered By Everything A Woman Does


Anti-Racism Laws Mutate Racism Into Newer, Stronger Form

Educated Bigot That Much More Terrifying

Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement

Alarming Study Finds More Than 12 Instances Of Racism Occurred Last Year

Detroit Sold For Scrap

Maya Angelou Honored For Courage, Blackness

Nation’s Blacks Creeped Out By All The People Smiling At Them

This Racist Propoganda Practically Writes Itself!

NAACP Says Enough Done To Promote Racial Equality

Did Six Million Really Visit The Holocaust Museum?

Affable Anti-Semite thinks Jews are Doing a Super Job With the Media (audio)

World’s Jews Celebrate Christmas With Ceremonial Re-Murdering Of Christ

The Jewish People Have Endured So Much, What I’m Going To Put Them Through Is Nothing

Jew-Sponsored Stock Car Booed Off Track

Activist Judge Cancels Christmas

Jews Begin To Make Presence Felt In Entertainment Law

Stereotypes Are A Real Time-Saver

Artist Self Portraits: Then and Now

Art Basel Miami is over. Lots of “art“, including a lovely graffiti piece on the butcher cunt, Leon Trotsky. It was mostly a reason to go to Spin parties and stand around douchebags. Good times. Anyway, I found this post from my old blog topical so I dug it up.


Did anyone else see the Dr. Who clip of when they show Van Gogh his paintings in the museum?? ; _ ;


Who else but Damien Hirst?

Artists Self Portraits   - Anita Rée - Self portrait - art


To cleanse the palate, here is a lovely article on Norman Rockwell’s self portrait.


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