The Last Psychiatrist has a new article out, that touches on the media driven female desire for a “seat at the table” i.e. females clamoring for their own wage enslavement. 

I wanted to touch upon the root of the problem, which is and has always been inflation compounded with wage stagnation. 

This is a piece from The Economics of Global Turbulence by Robert Brenner.

“During the “Long Boom” of 1948-1973, the lowest annual profit rate in the U.S. industrial sector was still higher than the highest such rate in the ensuing period, the “Long Bust.” This fact is all the more shocking for being so contrary to the largely accepted story — often centered around the Reagan presidency, or Clinton’s “new economy,” depending on one’s party preference — of recent American history as one of minor falls and major lifts. “

From a review of Brenner’s book- Autumn of the Empire. Must read for all.

“He [Brenner] persuasively debunks the idea that industrial profits were squeezed by wages; indeed, real wages have stagnated and even decreased in the last four decades. This has been concealed only in the sphere of rhetoric: Statistics about “household earnings” desperately hope you won’t notice that households now require multiple incomes to keep up. THAT WASN’T FEMINISM SENDING WOMEN INTO THE TENDER MERCIES OF THE LABOR MARKET — or rather, it was, but at the same time the migration to the workplace was part of a protracted disaster for the working classes, masquerading as opportunity. And even while working more and harder, households have increasingly found themselves obligated to take on debt to stay afloat.”

“Filing papers would be SO much more rewarding!”

The media is driving women to work for a reason. The complicit snakes of these networks get their marching orders from higher ups that KNOW.

1) Inflation has made it almost impossible for a man to provide for a family

2) Two incomes means higher consumption of non-necessary goods

3) Women and children, the two groups most vulnerable to trends and marketing, can become a consumer group independent of male purse strings.

WHAT A FUCKING COUP! We were actually convinced us to SPEND MORE, while in reality, EARNING LESS…..all while patting ourselves on the back about how much progress we have made. The irony is staggering.