Here is a terribly Orwellian commercial for some game called Metal Gear Rising. 

The message is that men should suppress their unhappiness and anger with the modern world, and channel it into meaningless pursuits.

This commercial, is “The Inception” of irony. Irony within irony (within irony?). Hey you! You can  escape the vapid, mechinaized, anomie and femininity of the modern world by killing cartoons. Here! Resolve your  fake, anomic existence inside of a fake, anomic exisitence. Do something by doing nothing!

There is this great idea called “crocodile humor.”

From Unqualified Reservations:

“Crocodile humor is the laughter of the powerful at the powerless. It is not intended to be funny. It is intended to intimidate. Those who laugh, as many do, are those who love to submerge themselves in a mob, feel its strength as theirs, chant.”

The video game, pornography, your “man cave”……. are your only allowed escapes.   All sparks of aggression must be funneled into meaningless pursuits, killed before an idea is formed.

Always important….

to keep your perspetive….

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